Proactive Tax Planning

At Laguna Beach TaxPro we go beyond tax compliance. We recommend proactive, plain-English concepts and strategies to maximize your after-tax income and then help you implement those strategies.

We start with a Personal Strategic Tax Plan that is completely customized to your individual, family, and business needs. We collect and organize all of your data, and then develop a personalized action plan for you. For a one-time fee, you will receive:

  • An explanation of your Personal Strategic Tax Plan in a 90-minute meeting with your personal tax coach. In this session, we will discuss the specific recommendations being made in plain-English and show you how your plan can help you achieve your goals. We will also answer any questions you may have related to your plan and its implementation. This meeting can take place either in person or over the phone.
  • A written, comprehensive report (usually 40 - 70 pages long) that details every tax planning opportunity we have identified for you. This report is complete with IRS definitions, tax code footnotes, and case law citations.
  • A specific list of action items that we complete together to make sure your Personal Strategic Tax Plan is implemented fully and providing you with maximum savings. We take the guess-work out of this process and make it as easy as possible!
  • A return on your investment. The fee for a Personal Strategic Tax Plan is an investment, not an expense. As such, you should expect a generous return on that investment. We will show you an estimate of your specific tax savings so you can see just how wise your investment really is. If we cannot generate a positive return on your investment your plan is Free!

Once we’ve completed your Personal Strategic Tax Plan we then work with you to implement and maintain your tax savings plan – we call this Proactive Tax Coaching.

Typical Savings Exceeds $9,000

On average our clients who engage in proactive tax planning LEGALLY save more than $9,000 through the mindful and deliberate application of the tax laws to their particular business and personal situation.    Under the new TRUMP TAX CODE we believe that there are even more opportunities for successful individuals and entrepreneurs to legally put more money in their pocket every year.  Unfortunately, not all taxpayers are eligible to reap the benefits of our proactive tax planning services.  Call us today at (949) 415-5340 to see if you qualify for our tax services.

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